Service Affiliations

There is a long tradition of links between Livery Companies and the defence of the City of London which have evolved and persist to this day.  The Curriers’ Company is no exception and maintains a close affiliation with units of the Armed Forces through the award of prizes for excellence to young servicemen and women and other contributions.


101 (City of London) Engineer Regiment Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) (Volunteers)

The Company has enjoyed an affiliation with a British Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment since 1982, in the form of 33 Regiment. When it was decided in 1998, that the Regiment’s four Territorial Army Squadrons warranted their own Headquarters, 101(City of London) Engineer Regiment EOD(V) was formed.  The Curriers’ Company then appropriately transferred its affiliation to this new unit, based in Catford, London. In addition to the friendship exchanged between the Curriers and 101 Regiment, the Company presents a trophy to the Squadron that wins the annual inter-squadron training competition and provides modest support to the Regimental welfare funds.

To see more on the history of 101 ER please go here


No 7 Squadron RAF

The Curriers first forged a link with No 7 Squadron, Royal Air Force in 1999. The Squadron operates Chinook support helicopters at RAF Odiham in Hampshire, specialising in providing tactical airlift for Special Forces’ operations.  The Squadron marked their 100th Anniversary with a series of events in central London in 2014.



The Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing

In 2002, No 7 Squadron RAF came under joint command, along with 657 Squadron Army Air Corps, which flies the Lynx helicopter in a similar role, to form the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW).   Therefore, in June 2007, the Company formally embraced the new joint unit by presenting a scroll of affiliation to JSFAW to complement the original affiliation with No 7 Squadron, RAF, which still endures.  The Company makes regular visits to RAF Odiham and provides modest contributions to the JSFAW all-ranks’ welfare and social facilities there.



hms trumpeterThe University Royal Navy Unit (URNU) Cambridge University and HMS TRUMPETER.

The Curriers started their first affiliation with the Royal Navy in June 2012 with the University Royal Navy Unit at Cambridge University and HMS TRUMPETER, a coastal patrol craft.   The aim of the URNU organisation is to educate a wide spectrum of high calibre undergraduates who show potential as society’s future leaders and opinion formers in the role and need for the Royal Navy.   HMS TRUMPETER is the focus of the Cambridge URNU with sea training conducted onboard during  weekends and deployments, with up to 12 students and 5 regular ship’s company embarked.   The vessel  is one of 12  P2000 craft attached to the Universaity Royal Navy Units in the 1st Patrol Boat Squadron  and the only RN ship to be based in East Anglia.


Our military affiliations serve to demonstrate the Company’s continuing support for the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces and acknowledge the service they give to the nation.