Grant Making

Grant Making

Charity and the support of education in many guises are amongst the main pillars of the Company’s activities.

This has been the case for centuries. As a trade guild, charitable giving was focused on the payment of pensions to indigent curriers or their widows. The taking of apprentices by master curriers was their investment in education and training, and giving to the Church was seen as a means of insuring their spiritual future.

Today, the Company no longer has an active role in the control of its original trade, but carries out a much wider programme of support for charity and education through its two registered charities.


The Curriers’ Company Charitable Fund

This fund provides substantial support for:

  • Charities connected to the leather industry
  • A number of City of London organisations
  • Vocational and general education, including support for leathercraft in acknowledegment of the Curriers’ historic trade
  • The relief of poverty and hardship amongst the young, the aged, the infirm and the socially disadvantaged


The Curriers’ Millennium Trust

As its name suggests, this charitable initiatve was launched to mark the millennium when it was decided to recognise and respond to community healthcare needs in the areas of deprivation that exist in the boroughs close to the City.

Click here for more detailed information on the work of the Millennium Trust and the primary healthcare projects it has funded since its inception, as well as details of the application process.