2015 Midsummer Quarter Court – Summary of the Minutes

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Holden at Tallow Chandlers’ Hall in the City of London at 5pm on Friday, 19th June 2015

There were present:
The Master                                                      Mr M Henderson
The Upper Warden                                       Mr J Allen
The Renter Warden                                      Mr J Davies
The Junior Warden                                      Mr J Kean

Court Assistants:
Mr M S Chesterton
Mr R G Blaber
Mr C S Heaps
Mr G W Simmonds
Mr A P R Steinthal
Mr J R Bagshawe
Mr P J Linnell
Mr B D Price
HH R G Hawkins, QC
Mr R Stewart
M McNeil

Senior Assistants: Mr D H Pertwee & Mr C W Rome.

In attendance: The Clerk
1.  The Court called Mr J N Bryant (Father of the Company) and Mr N S Bryant made default and were excused. Senior Assistant Christopher Rome paid a voluntary fine of £20 for not wearing his Past Master’s Badge. The Master briefed the Court on the Shrieval & Mayoral Succession and the success of the Curriers’ Golf Team at the Piltdown Golf Competition against the Cordwainers.

2.  The Minutes of the Lady Day Court. The Minutes of the Lady Day Court, held on 27th March 2015, were approved.

3.  Matters arising from the Minutes. The following matters arising were discussed:

a.  Loan of silver spoons to Guildhall.     The Clerk reported that three spoons had been loaned to the Guildhall, to be displayed in the Clerk to the Alderman’s Court office, and that the Guildhall       had agreed to insure them and secure them appropriately for their value.

4.  Master’s engagements since the Lady Day Court. The Court was briefed on the Master’s engagements and there were no questions.

5.  Oral report of the Finance and Investment Committee. The Chairman briefed the Court, on the following items:

a.  Budget.           The current year is running in line with budget. Next year’s budget is currently being worked on, and a final draft will be issued with the Michaelmas Court papers.

b.  Independent Examiner/Auditor.         The Clerk will put out an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to 5 or 6 accountancy firms that have been recommended with a view to reviewing the        Independent Examiner before the end of the Financial Year.

c.  EOY Accounts.          The full EOY Accounts will be placed in the Members Section of the website.

6.  Oral report of the Constitution Committee. The Chairman briefed on the following items:

a.  Company Standing Orders (CSOs).   The Chairman asked the Court that    the formal resolution on the adoption of the CSOs dated 18th March 2015 be withdrawn so that further work could be   done on the CSOs.

b.  Media Policy – Terms of Reference (TORs). The Court approved the Terms of Reference for the Constitution Committee to examine Social Media Policy. The Chairman was given the freedom     to use his judgement as to the depth to which he refers to each term within the TORs.

7.  Oral report of the Charity Committee. The Chairman briefed on the following issues:

a.  Activity & Disbursement.       The Charity Aide memoire on the website reflects the most up to date information on the activity of the Curriers’ Company Charitable Fund and he commended it     to the Court.

b.  Trust Deed Addendum.          The Chairman informed the Court that the Trustees had signed the Addendum to the 1970 William Dawes Scheme and that it reflected that the Trustees should       have regard to the wishes of the Curriers’ Company.

8.  Oral report of the Livery Committee. The Chairman briefed on the following:

a.  It was agreed by the Court, that as an interim measure in place of the Livery Lecture the Company would fund Liverymen in their first three years to attend the City Livery Briefings, which will   cost £15pp.

b.  The Court agreed that the following are admitted as Freemen of the Company at the next suitable Court:

(i).        Mrs Ingrid Facius (Proposer Graham Stow seconded Bridget Rosewell).

(ii).       Mr Alastair MacKinnon (Proposer William Bagshawe seconded David Moss).

c.  It was agreed by the Court that Past Master Donald Adamson should be offered the position of Senior Assistant on the Court.

d.  It was agreed by the Court that Helen Adamson should be offered the Freedom of the Company in recognition of her support for PM Donald Adamson.

9.  To receive the Oral Report of the Millennium Trust. The Chairman of the Millennium Trust briefed the Court on the Master’s Appeal and the Bursary selection Panel.

10.  To receive the Oral Report from Assistant Tony Steinthal on the Review of the Charity Trustee Structure. Following a short brief on his paper it was agreed by the Court that Assistant Tony Steinthal would lead a Working Party into examining the Charity Trustee Structure. It is his intention to enter a dialogue with the Trustees of the Millennium Trust and the Curriers’ Company Charitable Fund to identify a suitable way forward.

11.  The Clerk’s Report. The clerk reported that:

a.  Court Assistants Badges.        There had been an idea to produce a Court Assistant’s badge for those members of the Court who had not served as Master. There was no consensus on this item,     though the possibility of using Past Master’s badges with different ribbons should be explored.

12.  Any Other Business.

a.  Company Bow Tie.     There was insufficient consensus for the Court to approve the purchase of Company Bow Ties.

13.  Admission & Clothing.

a.  His Honour Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC – Recorder of London was clothed as an Honorary Liveryman of the Company.

14.  The Michaelmas Quarter Court will take place will take place on Friday 25th September 2015.